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  • Panorama of the Alps from Mt. Pilatus

    Panorama of Swiss Alps taken from Mt. Pilatus

    Sunrises and sunsets are special moments and more so with vast and breathtaking views of the mountains. A panoramic view of a mountain range is often a good format as it shows the expansion of the mountains and allows us to have a high detailed image with a lot of resolution.

    This photo was taken from Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland which is accessible by a cable car or a cogwheel train. It is convenient to stay in the hotel at the top as the last transport down leaves before sunset and goes up way after sunrise. This view was captured just a few meters from my room.

    The panorama is a series of 9 vertical frames taken at 60.7mm on a crop sensor (90mm full frame equivalent) leaving enough overlap in each frame to make it easy to stitch.

    Post processing

    Frame #1
    Frame #2
    Frame #3
    Frame #4
    Frame #5
    Frame #6
    Frame #7
    Frame #8
    Frame #9

    In Lightroom, all 9 frames were used for the panorama. I selected them all, right click -> Photo merge -> Panorama. Lightroom handled the stitching perfectly resulting in 124 megapixels of alpine goodness.

    The editing of the resulting combined image was very simple and all was done in Lightroom:

    White balance adjustments Small tweaks to the exposure (shadows, highlights) Vibrance and HSL adjustments to desaturate the blues Finally I used a few local adjustments to highlight the foreground mountain, bring more detail to the snow and darken the sky.

    Raw image