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  • The magic of Bali

    I have some great news about this image. It has been selected to be displayed as part of Google Backdrop, the photos that are displayed after your Google TV or a chromecast is idle for awhile. I don’t own a TV myself so if any of you have seen it in the wild I’d love to know it, so please leave a comment below.

    A little bit of story behind this photo: This was shot in Bali, a beautiful volcanic island in Indonesia. There are so many waterfalls on this tropical island but this one seemed like a scenes from a fairy tale. It is located in the northern part of the island and there is a short hike that takes you to two other waterfalls. This one in my opinion is the most peaceful and magical looking one.

    The best thing about this hike however is that there is no need to hike back up. By the waterfalls we met some locals who give can give you a ride on their scooters, so for a couple of dollars you can avoid lots of sweat and have a really fun ride back to the entrance.

    Technical details:

    • Canon 6D mark II + EF16-35 f4 @ 35mm f13 iso100 3.2secs
    • Single exposure.
    • NiSi landscape polarizer.

    Post processing:

    First in Lightroom to balance the exposure. Some of the distortion had to be adjusted In Photoshop as well as color correction and dodging and burning.