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  • Moonrise over the Alps Full moon rising above the Alps of Austria Full moon captured above the alps. Behind the scenes of this photo and some tips on how to shoot the moon.
    The Hungarian Parliament The main entrance to The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest. The interior features marble walls and gold coated decorations with statues and paintings of Hungarian history. The interior of the Hungarian Parliament is not as popular as the outside, but it's even more impressive. Here I took a handheld shot on a guided tour of the main entrance to the Parliament.
    Busy Manarola in summer 2020 A long exposure of Manarola, Cinque Terre at sunset One summer sunset I photographed Manarola, one of the most beautiful villages of Cinque Terre. It was a busy day and I had to remove lots of people by using clone-stamp tool in Photoshop.
    Findel Glacier – Fluhalp Findel Glacier Photo of Findel Glacier. This glacier is only a few minutes away from Fluhalp, where you can stay overnight and catch some early morning light on the Matterhorn.
    Mt. Pilatus – Sunrise over Lake Lucerne View of Lake Lucerne from Mt. Pilatus First light above Lake Lucerne as seen from the iconic Mt Pilatus. Explanation of the post processing technique of a high dynamic range scene
    Panorama of the Alps from Mt. Pilatus Panorama of Swiss Alps taken from Mt. Pilatus Capturing and post processing a panorama of the Swiss Alps taken from Mt. Pilatus at dawn.
    Early morning in Vernazza Early morning at the harbour of Vernazza One early morning in Vernazza, I explored the harbour and photographed the view of the town from the harbour.
    Sunset in Vernazza The classic view of Vernazza, Cinque Terre after sunset How to achieve a unique photo from a very popular location? The answer is a combination of in the field techniques, luck and personal touches at post processing.
    Storm on Lake Balaton Approaching storm over Lake Balaton at sunset Behind the scenes of capturing a stormy sunset at Lake Balaton
    Glowing sunrise over Grossmünster, Zurich View of Grossmünster church and Münsterbrücke, the bridge connecting both sides of the Old Town in Zurich. Taken on a special morning when the high clouds caught the first light of the rising sun. Look behind the scenes of capturing the spectacular glowing sunrise over Grossmünster in the Zurich Old Town.
    Golden sunset in Vernazza A spectacular golden sunset from the iconic view point in Vernazza, Cinque Terre. Look behind the scenes of capturing a long exposure of an amazing golden sunset in Vernazza.
    Budapest at night A spectacular view of Budapest at blue hour. The Hungarian Parliament and the Chain Bridge are the best illuminated landmarks in the city. A look behind the scenes of capturing a the night view of the main icons of Budapest: the Chain Bridge and the Budapest Parlament.
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