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  • Summer landscapes of Tuscany Full moon above a Tuscan landscape Telephoto landscape photography from Tuscany in summer.
    Long exposure at Lake Balaton A long exposure photo taken just before sunrise of this iconic scene from Lake Balaton How to achieve the long exposure effect and behind the scenes of this photo from Lake Balaton
    Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Bali, UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most scenic places in Bali are the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    A sunny day in Lerici Beautiful view of Lerici, Gulf of Poets, Italy A colorful view of Lerici, the gem of the Gulf of Poets
    Lavertezzo, the jewel of the Verzasca Valley Lavertezzo, a medieval village in Switzerland Photographing the beautiful village of Lavertezzo in the Verzasca Valley. This is one of the oldest and most scenic places in the southern canton of Ticino in Switzerland
    Sunrise in the Appenzell Alps A sunrise view of the impressive mountains in Appenzell, Switzerland Sunrise photography in the Appenzell Alps of Switzerland.
    Abstract close ups of waterfalls: Seerenbach Falls, Switzerland An abstract close up photo of Seerenbach Falls in Switzerland Abstract - close up photos of waterfalls can help create unique and very interesting images. Here are some of my shots from Seerenbach Falls in Switzerland
    Drone photography compositions: Leading Lines Landwasser viaduct, Switzerland Drone photography can be exciting and challenging but there are elements that shouldn't be overlooked when composing an aerial image. Here I will talk about the leading lines and how they contribute to a good composition.
    Exploring Walensee and Seerenbach Falls Spring in the region surrounding Walensee, Switzerland Spring is a beautiful time to explore the Swiss countryside. The fields are covered in green grass with lots of wild flowers. Here I share my trip to the Seerenbach Falls near Walensee.
    A distant storm in Split, Croatia View of Split, Croatia at sunset Sunset photography in Split, Croatia. One of the best views of this ancient city is from Marjan Forest Park. From here you can appreciate the extension of the old town, the mountains and if you are lucky some stormy clouds with a rainbow.
    The magic of Bali Behind the scenes of the photograph of Banyu Wana Amertha in Bali. This photo has been selected as part of Google Backdrop to be displayed on Google TV and chromecast devices.
    Flying above Morcote – the most beautiful village in Switzerland Aerial footage and photos of Morcote, the most beautiful village of Switzerland located in Ticino.
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