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  • Exploring Walensee and Seerenbach Falls

    It’s spring in Switzerland, and that means there are now more hiking options available, it’s warmer, the grass is greener and there are many more colors in the landscapes. Early and mid spring is great for capturing all the blooming trees and countless wild flowers in the mountains. A few days ago I went to the Seerenbach Falls near Lake Walensee.

    Seerenbach Falls is a set of 3 cascades totalling 585 meters high with a strong flow of water, especially in spring. The surrounding area and the walk to the falls is very scenic, so I took a few hundred photos on my way there. Here are some of the best ones that I managed to process so far:

    The pastures are covered in juicy green grass and lots of wild flowers producing this beautiful classic look of the Alps. All of these photos were taking in the middle of the day with a clear blue sky but with some simple editing in Lightroom I managed to recover most of the colors and contrast. The above photos were taken with a Fujifilm X-S10.

    On the above photo from a drone you can see the full length of the waterfall of over 500 meters.

    I took a few hundred of waterfall photos as well of different focal lengths. These are really fun to capture to later discover the different shapes and patterns that the falling water creates. I have many more of these abstract close ups and will be sharing them in a separate post.

    All editing was done in Lightroom Classic and some photos in Adobe Lightroom. I shared one of the edits here