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  • Uluru: The red center of Australia

    Apart from lush green rain forests and beautiful beaches, Australia is known for its desert and very unique landscapes in the middle of the island. Uluru is probably the first and the most well known mountain that comes to mind. It’s only 863 meters high but being surrounded by flat surface it looks impressive.

    At sunrise or sunset, the colours of Uluru change from dark purple to orange and red while the sun light intensity changes.

    Sunset photo of Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

    There are several observation points, and there is no right or wrong. Both sunrise and sunset are great but also the blue hour, especially because this is when the hundreds of flies will leave you alone.

    Native vegetation around Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park

    It’s worth mentioning that Uluru is not the only highlight of this national park. Kata Tjuta rock formation is probably even more impressive because of its unique shape and it’s height of just over 1000 meters.

    Large rock formations in the middle of Australia are a sacred place to the aboriginal people of this region.

    If you have a couple of extra days in this area another great location is the King’s Canyon which offers some beautiful views of the vegetation and the dry landscape of this region.