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  • Summer landscapes of Tuscany

    Definitely one of the most well known landscapes of Italy are located in Tuscany. Rolling hills with rows of cypress trees are the typical scenes you can see from this beautiful part of the world. Luckily, I’ve had an opportunity to visit and explore some of Tuscany in July for a few days. It’s easy to spend there multiple weeks and come back during different seasons and the conditions will be different. In summer the green fields turn golden yellow and it’s very hot for any day time exploration but it’s still an incredible place to visit.

    Here are some of the photos I captured during this trip:

    The typical landscape of Tuscany at sunset. The dust in the air creates this golden glow.
    Cypress trees at sunset. The golden glow at sunrise or sunset along with the clean landscape helps to create these minimalistic images.
    Wheat field in Tuscany
    Wild flowers in Tuscany

    In a landscape like this one it’s really useful to zoom in and focus on small scenes, patterns and details.

    Wheat field at sunset

    One of my favourite moments of the trip was on this day when I woke up just before sunrise and looked to the opposite side. The full moon was setting above the rolling hills which were lit by the rising sun creating this unreal scene.

    Full moon above a Tuscan landscape

    These photos were all taken with either Fuji X-T3 or Fuji X-S10 and Fujinon 55-200 and post processed with Lightroom with some additional adjustments in Photoshop.