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  • A distant storm in Split, Croatia

    Split in Croatia is one of the must visit cities. There are many reasons why, but the most important ones are probably the history, the architecture and of course the beaches. For photography, this place is incredible.

    One of the best view points is Marjan Forest Park, it’s an easy climb (as long as your camera gear is light enough) and it offers an excellent view of Diocletian’s Palace, the heart of Split.

    On that day we walked all the way up for sunset and we were presented with an amazing scene of golden light shining on the town and the mountains with distant dark storm clouds and even a rainbow.

    How was it captured?

    This must be one of the easiest photos I’ve captured. Single exposure, no filters, just point and shoot.

    Post processing was relatively simple as well. Everything was done in Lightroom. The town was a bit overexposed while the foreground trees were too dark but all the details were in the raw file so it was a matter of balancing the highlights and the shadows, adjusting the white balance and bringing the colors back to life.

    RAW image
    • Camera: Canon 6D mark II
    • Lens: EF 24-70 f4 @70mm f11
    • Single exposure 1/50s