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  • Moonrise over the Alps

    Full moon rising above the Alps of Austria

    Full moon, whenever it’s low on the horizon is a spectacular view, especially if there is something recognisable that can be used for size comparison. Whether it’s a building or a landscape feature, including something else with the moon always produces a great result.

    This photo taken in the Appenzell region in Switzerland is of the moon rising above the Alps. The moon rose above the mountains right after sunset which produced this pink light.

    Moon photos are best captured with a long lens. Something longer than 100mm should work. It’s also important to keep the shutter speed fast in order to avoid blurring the moon.

    This photo was shot at 1/50 seconds, at 172mm on Fuji X-T3 (~275mm full frame equivalent). The editing was fairly simple and all was done in Lightroom. Most important changes: white balance adjustments, vibrance and contrast.

    Tips for better moon photos:

    • Use a long lens
    • Watch the shutter speed
    • Use something else next to the moon for size: building, a landscape feature, a person
    • Better shot before or after sunset/sunrise when there is still light on the landscape and there is chance of colourful sky
    • Planing a moon photo, getting the right alignment, focal length, etc is a complex task and there is no better tool than Photopills
    Raw image
    • Camera: Fuji X-T3
    • Lens: Fujinon XF 55-200mm @172mm f6.4
    • Single exposure 1/50