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  • The Hungarian Parliament

    The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest is a very iconic construction, not only the architecture, but also the illumination of the exterior is impressive. As I mentioned earlier the yellow lighting creates a very beautiful contrast at blue hour. Having seen thousands of photos of the outside of the building the interior seems to be much less popular. It is however an amazing place to experience and see all the details and decorations of this more than hundred years old piece of art.

    To have a chance to get inside, it’s possible to go on a short guided tour which is an interesting experience as you will learn some facts about its history. The cameras are allowed though I wouldn’t bring a tripod. Having a wide lens with image stabilization is a great idea, I used a Fujinon 10-24 f4.

    The main entrance to The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest. The interior features marble walls and gold coated decorations with statues and paintings of Hungarian history.

    Post processing

    During the tour I managed to take a few shots. This one is of the main entrance to the Parliament. I used a wide aperture of f5 and a slow shutter speed of 1/25 which was enough for the wide angle lens that I was using. It is a good idea to take a few frames as some of them can end up blurry when shooting handheld.

    The raw file was processed mostly Lightroom, with some final touches in Photoshop, it was intentionally underexposed. I managed to pull out all the details with a single raw, but sometimes it’s useful to bracket just in case. Here, I increased the exposure, the shadows and adjusted the highlights. I also adjusted some of the colors, e.g. the stairs as they were getting too yellow. Final adjustments were done to fix the distortion. It wasn’t easy as the image wasn’t completely straight and I didn’t want to loose too much of the frame. Luckily the transform tool in Lightroom does a great job in adjusting the image once you trace the guide lines.

    Raw image
    • Camera: Fuji X-T3
    • Lens: Fuji 10-24 f4 @10mm f5
    • Single exposure 1/25