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  • Another night in Vernazza Another classic view of Vernazza at blue hour when the town is starting to light up Blue Hour photo of Vernazza, one of the incredible villages of Cinque Terre and the details of how it was edited.
    Sunset view of Montreaux, Switzerland Golden hour in Montreaux Capturing a beautiful view of Montreaux during golden and blue hours. For this shot I left the camera in interval shooting mode to automatically capture the frames
    A night in Vernazza – Astrophotography with Fuji X-T3 Milky Way rising above Vernazza, Cinque Terre in Italy. A challenging capture of the Milky Way core above the town of Vernazza. Cinque Terre. The strong lights from the town make it impossible to capture everything in a single exposure requiring some multiple exposure blending in Photoshop.
    The Three Sisters The Three Sisters rock formation in the Blue Mountains National Park, Australia at sunrise Three Sisters of Blue Mountains National Park, Australia. Sunrise view of the Jamison Valley. Step by step edit in Lightroom.
    Matthias Church in Budapest Blue hour photo of Matthias Church, located in the Buda castle in Budapest, Hungary Matthias Church in Budapest is one of the most impressive constructions in this city. To showcase its beautiful exterior and details it's better to wait for the blue hour when it literally shines.
    Fraumunster Church sunset in Zurich A beautiful warm sunset behind Fraumunster Church in Zurich, Switzerland.
    Vivid Sydney The Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge during the Vivid Sydney festival Sydney Opera House during the Vivid Sydney festival laser show
    Above the fog in Zurich Thick fog above Zurich Lake, Switzerland In Autumn it's common to witness fog in the valleys of Switzerland, mostly in the morning. Here are some photos taken around Zurich
    Summer storm in Manarola A quick summer storm rolling over Manarola, Cinque Terre An unexpected storm rolls over Manarola. I took a single shot as the clouds where moving away leaving everything soaking wet in the town.
    Manarola after rain View of one of the streets in Manarola, Cinque Terre after a heavy rain. After a quick summer storm passed over Manarola leaving the streets wet, clean and shining I took a photo of some of the boats parked on the street. It's a simple photo but shows the beauty of the Cinque Terre
    Exploring winter scenes in Appenzell, Switzerland On a sunny day with freezing temperatures, a light breeze can blow snowflakes and particles of ice which when backlit add magic to a winter scenes like this one Appenzell is one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. In winter after a big snowfall I went for a walk to try to capture the magical winter scenes.
    Frozen Seealpsee, Appenzell Frozen Seealpsee Lake in Appenzell, Switzerland Capturing a winter landscape in the Appenzell region of Switzerland. Here I used a 'focus stacking' technique to get the foreground and the background in focus.
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